Loving Label is about Creating Keepsakes

We believe in making things that one day may have more value to you sentimentally than they ever had in the initial cost to you. Keepsakes come in all forms, it is more about what these objects mean to you personally that makes them really important.

Some everyday things are made more precious with time and that special link to the story of your past. Your heritage and your family traditions turn them into an heirloom worthy of passing down to future generations. Those generations to come will remember 2018 as a historical year that celebrated love for one and all. We think that type of Loving is worth celebrating, don’t you?


This is Jackson…

Umm… no, not the guy, his name is Tarik.

I was talking about the Gold Filigree Boutonnière Pin he’s wearing on his lapel.

Jackson is part of our new gender neutral collection. Coming to Loving Soon!

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