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Loving This Face Campaign

Here at Loving Label we want to find ways to celebrate the diversity and unique beauty of our customers.

Knowing that promoting an unrealistic idea of what society tells us is beautiful was something we wanted to avoid. We took a step back and thought about our marketing plan for our brand with a little bit more care or loving you could say.

There was also the sense that Loving Label as a brand represents more than just jewellery and accessories.

Loving Label is about unconditional love for all humans.

It’s about being thoughtful and kind to yourself, your loved ones and to the strangers you pass everyday on your way to work.

Smile at the people you pass, acknowledge their presence, you may be the only person to do so all day.

Lift people up in the ways that feel right with you, the smallest of kind gestures are often the most meaningful.

Our beautiful Grace is a great ambassador for Loving Label for just this reason, she is polite, thoughtful and very patient. Grace is working and studying so one day she can be an asset to her community.

That is why we are #lovingthisface

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