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Loving is a bespoke accessories label for the modern engaged couple and their crew.  

Unique pieces that are created with the ever changing nature of wedding trends at the core of the design process.

Currently earrings are the number one accessory chosen to complete many of today's bridal trends.  They are, for the majority of modern Brides, the only piece of jewellery (apart from her wedding ring) she will want to wear on her big day. Earrings are also one of the top gifts a Bride will give to her Bridesmaids to wear on the day of her wedding.  So we're making them really special by being more creative with the elements we use.


We are also conscious of providing special and unique pieces for those couples who are creating their own traditions.  Something truly thoughtful, from the heart and meant to pass down to future generations to be worn on their own special day.  Coming Soon - our Gender Neutral range of Boutonnière and Lapel Pins.  An ideal gift for anyone in the bridal party wearing a Boutonniere. These pieces are designed to encase the stems of the flowers inside an ornate gold, silver or rhodium plated metal tube and easily secured to any suit jacket with a broach pin.  Keep an eye out for more about these beautiful pieces being released very soon. For a little sneak peek at the click HERE.


As Loving Label is a small design studio we have the luxury of being fluid with our design process, without the constraints of mass production.  This means we can change with the market very quickly without the concern of excess stock and waste.  This also means that our range will be very limited in production numbers and styles will only be around for a short time before we create something new.  So every piece is limited edition.

Our packaging is also focused on being kinder to the environment and quite special and unique in itself.  Take a sneak peek HERE.

COMING SOON! Loving Label is introducing a range of locally handmade gift and jewellery box options so you are bound to find future keepsakes to rival those of generations past.Take a sneak peek HERE.

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