London Drops

London Drops


The beautiful London drops are even more stunning in person, with a pearl both at the top and bottom the framed fuchsia coloured faceted crystal is definitely the centrepiece.

These earrings measure approximately 4cm in length (the drop)

and 1cm wide (from side to side).

F. S. Flint.

153. London

LONDON, my beautiful,  

it is not the sunset  

nor the pale green sky  

shimmering through the curtain  

of the silver birch,         5

nor the quietness;  

it is not the hopping  

of birds  

upon the lawn,  

nor the darkness   10

stealing over all things  

that moves me.  

But as the moon creeps slowly  

over the tree-tops  

among the stars,   15

I think of her  

and the glow her passing  

sheds on men.  

London, my beautiful,  

I will climb   20

into the branches  

to the moonlit tree-tops,  

that my blood may be cooled  

by the wind.  

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